What “Kinotavr-2019” has prepared

Дополнительное изображение новости What “Kinotavr-2019” has prepared

Any promising, vivid and unexpected beginning is usually talked about after the opening ceremony or after the first competitive film screening, but this time “Kinotavr” got compliments in anticipation of the Festival. How is it possible not to “like” such greeting clip, where the Russian film stars dance disco to track “This is Summer” by the hip-hop artist Antoha MC.

Many of those who in will be submitting competitive works in Sochi in a week, acted in the clip. Evgeny Tsiganov acted in Valery Todorovsky’s opening film “Odessa”, Yuliya Peresild—in Grigory Dobrigin’s debut full meter “Sheena667”, Aleksandr Pal—in Nigina Saifullaeva’s “Loyalty”, and Anna Mikhalkova played the leading role in Anna Permas’s drama “Let’s get divorced”. In total, the jury headed by Konstantin Khabensky (who also participated in the clip) are going to see 15 films.

Among them are Yury Bikov’s “Watchman”, where he’s an actor and film director again, Grigory Konstantinopolsky with the adaptation of the Ostrovsky’s “The Storm”, the action of which he took to our time, “Russian Boy” directed by Aleksandr Zolotukhin, taught by Sokurov. Seven competition films were shot by female film directors. Oksana Karas, whose “Good Boy” was awarded with the Grand-prix of the “Kinotavr-2016”, will bring the drama “Above the sky”, Valeria Gai Germanika will present mystical horror “Mental Wolf”, and Larisa Sadilova will bring directly from the Cannes the melodrama “Once in Trubchevsk” with which she participated in the program “Special View”. Another film of the section, Kantemir Bagalov’s “Husky”, which also won there the prize for directing and the International Film Critics Association Award, will be shown out of competition.

Also, the 30th “Kinotavr” includes a short-meter competition, a business program and section “Cinema on the Square”. A large screen near the Zimnii Theater will show for free “The Balkan Frontier”, “Loudspeaker mode”, “T-34”, “Billion” and other top box office films of the semester.

07 Jun 2019
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