Venice 2019: Russian projects at the Venice Gap-Financing Market

Дополнительное изображение новости Venice 2019: Russian projects at the Venice Gap-Financing Market

From August 30 to September 1, Italy will host the Venice Gap-Financing Market for the sixth time as part of the 76th Venice International Film Festival (August 28 - September 7). Producers and authors of projects from around the world will be able to present their films to potential co-producers and investors and receive financial support for production.

To participate in the three-day Venice market, 51 projects were selected, which are in the pre-production period. Among them 23 projects of full-length fiction films (16 from Europe), already having at least 70% of financial support; 5 documentary tapes (4 from Europe, one from the USA); 12 VR Immersive Reality Story projects (8 from Europe) with at least 30% financing; 8 projects that were developed at the Biennale College Cinema VR workshop; 3 projects created during the Biennale College Cinema workshop.

The list includes two full-length fiction projects from Russia - “Air” / “Air” by Alexei German Jr. and “Way of Love” / “Lovehack” by Tamara Dondurey.

Potential co-producers and investors can familiarize themselves with the “Projects Book” in advance, which provides a full description of each film, and choose the most interesting ones. After this, personal meetings of investors with authors and producers will take place.

09 Aug 2019
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