Upward motion russian cinema makes new records in release

From year to year, analysts talk about a decline in interest to cinema among Russian viewers. But at the same time, attention to domestic movies is only growing at multiplex visitors. How and why this happens is shown in the review of the Russian release in 2018 at the moment

Russian cinema moves the release - just a few years ago, one could only hope for such a conclusion on the basis of box office results, but over the past two years, the expected has turned into reality. According to data of the Cinema Foundation published in July of this year, 42.4 million viewers watched domestic films, whereas last year this number was 26.8 million. There was a 58 percent increase in attendance, which in itself can be considered progress. The same applies to the total box office of Russian films: in the first half of the year it amounted to 10.2 billion rubles - 57% more than in 2017 for the same period.

Most of all in the first six months, the audience visited cinema for 4 Russian films: dramas on a sports theme - Oleg Trofim's Ice, Movement Upward by Anton Megerdichev and Coach by Danila Kozlovsky, as well as the animated film by Konstantin Feoktistov Three Bogatyrs and a Princess of Egypt. 23.8 million viewers watched these movies in cinemas - this number is 22% of all Russian cinema visits in the first half of the year. There are also not very good news for cinema business: cinema attendance and box office in general decreased. This is due to the restriction of release of foreign movies, and the context in which the Russian people were placed in the year 2018. The decrease in cinema attendance was due to the tragedy at the cinema center of Zimnaya Vishnya shopping center, as well as because of the World Cup, which changed the schedule of life for almost all Russians for two months.

However, the data collected by the Cinema Foundation today, still predict growth and development to Russian cinema. Domestic films collected 11.4 billion rubles at the box office, this is 3.6 billion rubles more than the same period last year. And the number of viewers is 47.6 million people. Such figures are reported by the Foundation on September 30, 2019.

The forecasts based on these data are rather optimistic: the total share of Russian films for 2018 may reach 30% for the first time - that is, it will almost double in comparison with last year. In the near future, the Russian box office releases such genre movies as a thriller by Nadezhda Mikhalkova “The Lost Place”, historical drama “Tobol” by Igor Zaitsev, New Year’s comedy by Artem Aksenenko “Our Children” and other potential hits.

In general, this success is due to the fact that the directors began to pay more and more attention to topics and heroes relevant to the Russian audience and to turn to such popular topics as sports. At the same time, in Russia in recent years, more films have been made, and the number does not affect the quality. An increasing number of films are being launched into production by professional production teams, which rely not only on well-known people in the cast, but also on the professionalism of all participants in the film process, promotional campaigns of the finished product and other components.

At the moment, the top three of the most successful Russian films in terms of audience size is as follows:

1. “Upward Movement” - 11.40 million watched

2. "Ice" – 5.99 million watched

3. "Coach" – 3.28 million watched

24 Oct 2018
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