The Russian filmmakers will participate in the Russian-Chinese Expo

Дополнительное изображение новости The Russian filmmakers will participate in the Russian-Chinese Expo

In Moscow, there was a press conference on participation of Russia in the 6th Russian-Chinese Expo 2019, in the year of 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Russia. One of the topics raised at the press conference, was the participation of media companies in the exhibition. As a representative of the Russian film industry the General Producer of the Wizart Company Yuri Moskvin was at the event.

Domestic media companies will participate for the first time in the Russian-Chinese Expo exhibition. They will be presented at the joint stand under the brand Made in Russia, organized by the Russian Export Center (REC).

In recent years, Russian films have shown an impressing result in China, in one of the most conservative markets with the highest level of competition between local product and content from all over the world. In the last few years, more than 30 domestic films have come out in China.

Companies the Central Partnership, the Art Pictures, the Wizart and the communication group Riki are the best sellers in China. In 2019 films “Move up” and «Т-34», cartoons “The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands” and “Sheep and Wolves” will also be released on the Chinese screens. In 2020 in theatrical distribution will appear cartoons “Magic Arch” and «The Big Trip» of the Licensing Brands Company. The Art Pictures Company plans to release on the Chinese screens the follow-up to the already world-famous films “Attraction” and “Ice”.

The active development of Russian-Chinese relations in the field of co-production should be noted. In July 2017, the intergovernmental agreement on the film co-production was signed between Russia and China. The first project made in the co-production of the two countries was the full-length film “How I became Russian”. Today, one of the most anticipated projects in the fantasy genre in the Celestial Empire is the film “The Mystery of Dragon Seal”, which is created with support of the Cinema Foundation and the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the major figures of the Chinese film industry: China Film Co-Production Corporation, China Film Corporation, Sparkle Roll Corporation and Сaina International Pictures Co. Ltd. The Riki Company signed a co-production agreement with the state animation studio of the Chinese Central Television (CCTV) Animation.

In the context of Russian-Chinese Expo exhibition, which will be held in Harbin, domestic projects, already familiar to the Chinese audience, will be shown: “Stalingrad”, “Ice” and other.

Special attention will be given to the youngest visitors of the event: throughout its duration in the area of Russian stand Made in Russia the most famous animation projects with well-loved by the Chinese audience heroes will be shown.

The Russian-Chinese Expo is the international large-scale event, which is carried out jointly by governments of Russia and China. The organizers are the Ministry of Commerce of PRC, the People's Government of Heilongjiang province, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. In 2019 the Russian-Chinese Expo will be held in Harbin from 15 to 19 June.

31 May 2019
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