Russian projects with high international potential were presented in Cannes

Дополнительное изображение новости Russian projects with high international potential were presented in Cannes

The presentation was held in the Russian Pavilion as part of the Marché du Film

Russian producers who participated in the Producers Network program of the Marchée Film Film Market presented their projects in the Russian Pavilion. Six films at different stages of production are in search of international partners for financing and co-production. The day before, the producers has got the opportunity to present their projects to industry professionals and heads of major international cinema funds at the Breakfast Meetings hushed meeting. The meeting in the Pavilion was open, and there was hardly enough space in the room for those who wanted to see the presentation. The moderator of the presentation in the Russian Pavilion was Denis Ruzaev, the editor of the Culture Department of

“When choosing projects for a presentation in Cannes, we focused primarily on stories that have a real international potential and ambition,” said Ekaterina Mtsituridze, Executive Director of Roskino . “From more than 35 applications we have selected only six very different, multi-scale, multi-genre projects, which were created by talented people who like their profession and are confident that they already are ready to cooperate with international partners. Each of them has already received proposals for cooperation, and we will summarize and write more about it after the festival. We are very pleased with the participants of this year's Producers Network. ”

The “Velga” project by producers Ivan Bolotnikov and Pavel Lilienfeld is at the preproduction stage, the film is planned to be shot in autumn of 2019 and winter of 2020. The plot of a love drama with young heroes develops in the conventional North, the nature of which becomes an integral part of the dramatic development of events and the criminal climax of story. Anastasia Nechaeva, its director, says that the film is dedicated to her sister and family. Previously, the project has already obtained support from the Ministry of Culture.

The “Fire” project by producers Artem Vitkin, Grigory Podzemelny and Renat Davletyarov is at the preproduction stage. Production is carried out by the Revolution Film and Interfest companies. Its director will be Valery Fokin, the world-famous stage producer and art director of the Aleksandrinsky Theater, and the main role will be performed by Anton Shagin. Under the plot, for decades, humankind has been in secret and continuous contact with the powerful alien mind, and then one day a conflict arisen between aliens and the Earth’s major superpower rulers. The apocalypse can be prevented only by the protagonist of the film, a psychologist who has studied aliens and know something about their true nature.

The “Window Opened to the North” project was presented by Tamara Bogdanova, CEO of KINOKULT Producer’s Center, and its director Arthur Grigoriev, whose debut shortfilm was shown in the “Prospects” program of the Moscow International Film Festival in 2018. Art director of the project is Dmitry Mamuliya, the director and head of the Moscow School of New Cinema – one of the best Russian film schools. The main role is performed by Elena Fokina. According to the plot of the film, an accident occurs at the enterprise and a worker is dead. Lida, a chief labor safety engineer, is by all means trying to hush up the matter. She will have to sacrifice the dearest to stop the violence spreading due to her lies.

The X-Soul Production's "Dream" was presented in Cannes by the author of the idea, producer and director Ilya Sherstobitov and PR director Ayuna Andzhukayeva, who has been preparing the project in Kazakhstan for over a year. The mystical thriller tells about a sleeping sickness that is rife in the north of Kazakhstan. Under the plot, a film crew from Germany comes to the scene to conduct a journalistic investigation. Also, there is a group of Chinese scientists who are trying to explain everything that happens from a scientific point of view. This will be a mockumentary-style movie.

The film "She Has a Different Name" was announced by the Vega Film company with the participation of All Stars In and Monumental Pictures. Producers: Katerina Mikhaylova, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Konstantin Fam, Oksana Shalamanova, Polina Schlicht. Directed By Veta Geraskina. Starring Svetlana Khodchenkova and Jacob Dil. The plot is focused on a rich fast liver Liza. Once in a car accident, she decides to reunite with her teenage daughter, whom she gave up after birth. But after when a stranger breaks into her luxurious house and family idyll, Lisa begins to suspect that she has let the impostor into her life. The project is at the post-production stage.

The “Conference” project was presented by producers Katerina Mikhailova and Konstantin Fam, as well as its director Ivan Tverdovsky. It is based on the story of "Nord-Ost", which is shown through family drama. During the hostage taking, the film heroine was able to leave the building through a window, having to drop her family there. The creators consider Anna Mikhalkova to play the main role.

24 May 2019
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