Russia’s Minister Of Culture Talked To The Film Companies, Who Break Projects Deadlines

Дополнительное изображение новости Russia’s Minister Of Culture Talked To The Film Companies, Who Break Projects Deadlines

Five Movies Of Concern

Vladimir Medinskii met with the representatives of the film companies subsidized by the Ministry for the film production, but delayed the film deadlines for some reasons. These are the Lenfilm film studio (the Russian Boy project), ABS LLC (the Red Ghost project), the Stella Creative Studio (the Immortality Corridor project), Chechenfilm Film Studio (the Best Friends project).

In 2016, the Lenfilm project was subsidized 30 million rubles by the Russia’s Ministry of Culture. The planned film’s deadline was July 2018, but it failed to meet the schedule and the deadline was moved by five months. As a result, the delivery certificate was signed only on January 24, 2019 by the Ministry. The Red Ghost received 35 million rubles and was supposed to complete the project within the deadline, December 2018. However, the dates have been moved by three months due to the illness of the film crew members. The film’s producer Tatiana Voronetskaia reported to the Russia’s Ministry of Culture to complete works on the film production on March 25, 2019, with the approximate release date to be May 9, 2019.

Tatiana Voronetskaia also presented a drama about maturity titled “Wagon of Desires” (25 million rubles subsidized), a debuted work of the director Dmitrii Sergin. She assured that the film will be delivered to Russia’s Ministry of Culture until January 30, 2019, and released in 2019.

The production works on the military drama “Immortality Corridor” by Fiodor Popov with a subsidy amounting to 35 million rubles were delayed for two years due to the reasons relating to the bank where the company’s funds were stored in, and which lost its license in September 2015. Popov reported that the film will be delivered to the Ministry of Culture not later than March 2019, the preliminary release date at the box office - May 9.

Besides, summer 2019 will be the time of the public release of “Best Friends”, a children's film directed by Artur Mamedov and Beslan Terekbaev and produced by the Chechenfilm Studio. The film delivery was delayed for a month, but is planned to be released on Children's Day - June 1, 2019.

Following the meeting, Vladimir Medinskii encourage the producers to focus on gaining the box office success and target at attraction of the largest possible audience.

08 Feb 2019
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