Once again China is hosting a Russian film festival

Дополнительное изображение новости Once again China is hosting a Russian film festival

The event is held from April 14 to April 21 in Beijing and Suzhou

From April 14 to April 21 simultaneously in two Chinese cities, Beijing and Suzhou, the Russian Cinema Festival takes place over again.

This film festival is annually held with the support and assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Chinese State Administration of Cinema, Russian Embassy in China and the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing. Festival organizers and partners: "Kinofest" Producer Center, Online Film Market, "Film Eksport" Initiative, Cinema Foundation, "BRICS Media" Association. The project is implemented within the international cooperation in the field of cinema between Russia and China and annually introduces the comprehensive Russian culture to Chinese viewers.

This year, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the Russian cinema festival screenings will become a special event of the IX International Beijing Film Festival. The Russian festival program will include a press conference, opening ceremony, screenings of contemporary Russian films, meetings of Russian filmmakers with viewers and their counterparts. For the first time ever special events aimed at promoting Russian cinema to the Chinese market and addressed to China’s leading production, distribution and exhibition film companies are included in the festival’s regulations: pitching and presentation of more than 30 new Russian film projects from 2019–2021, closed screenings of finished Russian releases of the current year.

The traditional film program of the festival includes the following modern Russian films: “Without Me” (dir. Kirill Pletnev, 2018), “The Eternal Life of Aleksandr Khristoforov” (dir. Evgeny Shelyakin, 2018), “Unforgiven” (dir. Sarik Andreasyan, 2018), “From The Bottom Of The Summit” (dir. Yana Polyarush, Tamara Tsotsoria, Konstantin Kutuyev, 2018), “Tanks” (dir. Kim Druzhinin, 2018), "The Draft" (dir. Sergey Mokritsky, 2018), “I Lose Weight” (dir. Aleksey Nuzhny, 2018).

Russian filmmakers, including film producers Natalya Mokritskaya, Grigory Podzemelny and Yulia Bragina, directors Sergey Mokritsky and Evgeny Shelyakin, actress Anastasia Somova, screenwriter Artem Vitkin and others will take part in the festival events.

Russian films will be shown at the Palace Cinema in Beijing from April 14 to April 20, and at the Jin Yl Cinema and Omnijoi Cinema in Suzhou from April 16 to 21. All the films of the program will be displayed in Russian with Chinese subtitles.

19 Apr 2019
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