Nika awards were presented in Moscow

Дополнительное изображение новости Nika awards were presented in Moscow

“Anna’s War” was named the best film of the year

On the 30th of March the XXXII National Award ceremony Nika took place in the Russian Song Theatre.

This year a film director Otar Iosseliani became an award winner in the nomination of “Honour and Dignity” named after Eldar Riazanov. Moreover, it became a tradition to award Nika in the nomination “For contribution to cinematographic sciences, critics and education”. The Academy Council decided to present this honorary award to Irina Rubanova, a film critic and an art history PhD.

A special award of the Academy Council “For creative achievements in the art of the TV cinematography” for 2018 was given to the serial “House Arrest” and its authors Semen Slepakov and Petr Buslov.

A full list of winners and nominees of Nika is as follows:

The best fiction film:

“Anna’s War”
“The Story of One Appointment”
“The Man Who Surprised Everyone”

The best film of the CIS and Baltic countries:

“Berlin-Akkurgan” (Uzbekistan)
“The Gentle Indifference of the World” (Kazakhstan)
“Munabia” (Kyrgyzstan)  
“Beautiful corruption” (Moldova)
“Crystal Swan” (Belarus)

The best nonfiction film:

Aleksandr Galich. “Unfasten the Belts Forever”
“White Mama”
“Paradzanov. Tarkovskiy. Antipenko. Lights and Shades”

The best animation film:

“Do You Know, Mama, Where I was?”
“Mitya’s Love”

The best film direction:

Aleksey German (“Dovlatov”)
Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov (“The Man Who Surprised Everyone”)
Kirill Serebrennikov (“Summer”)
Aleksey Fedorchenko (“Anna’s War”)

The best film editing:

Dasha Danilova (“The Heart of the World”)
Yuriy Karikh (“Summer”) 
Pavel Khaniutin, Erve Schnide (“Anna’s War”)

The best screenwriting:

Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov (“The Man Who Surprised Everyone”)
Nataliya Meshchaninova, Aleksey Fedorchenko (“Anna’s War”)
Avdotiya Smirnova, Anna Parmas, Pavel Basinskiy (“The Story of One Appointment”)

The best cinematography:

Yuriy Klimenko (“Van Goghs”)
Vladislav Opeljyants (“Summer”) 
Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev (“Anna’s War”)

The best film score:

Leonid Desiatnikov, Aleksey Sergunin (“Van Goghs”)
Roma Zver, German Osipov (“Summer”) 
Vladimir Komarov, Atsuo Matsumoto (“Anna’s War”)

The best sound engineering:

Vincent Arnardi (“Anna’s War”)
Boris Voit (“Summer”)
Vasiliy Fedorov (“Acid”)

The best art direction:

Aleksey Maksimov (“Anna’s War”)
Elena Okopnaya (“Dovlatov”)
Andrey Ponkratov (“Summer”) 

The best costume director:

Tatiana Dolmatovskaya (“Summer”) 
Elena Okopnaya (“Dovlatov”)
Tatiana Patrakhaltseva (“The Story of One Appointment”)

The best actor:

Stepan Devonin (“The Heart of the World”)
Aleksey Serebriakov (“Van Goghs”)
Evgeniy Tsyganov (“The Man Who Surprised Everyone”)

The best actress:

Marta Kozlova (“Anna’s War”)
Nataliya Kudriashova (“The Man Who Surprised Everyone”)
Irina Starshenbaum (“Summer”) 

The best supporting actor:

Aleksandr Gorchilin (“Summer”) 
Philip Gurevich (“The Story of One Appointment”)
Yuriy Kuznetsov (“The Man Who Surprised Everyone”)
Dmitriy Podnozov (“The Heart of the World”)

The best supporting actress:

Yuliya Aug (“Summer”) 
Irina Gorbacheva (“The Story of One Appointment”)
Elena Koreneva (“Van Goghs”) 

The discovery of the year:

Aleksandr Gorchilin (“Acid”)
Roma Zver (“Summer”)
Marta Kozlova (“Anna’s War”)

05 Apr 2019
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