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New name, new horizons

Founded in 2014, Cinemico has changed its name and rebranded.

After announcing the platform on 7th June 2018, the Cinemico team has been hard at work. In particular, detailed research was made to hear what our audience would like and what our users want from us.

Our primary task wasn’t to make new technologies like blockchain and ICOs an accessible part of the lives of our audience, but to make something much more important: make dreams come true by offering viewers the chance to become part of the closed world of cinema and feel part of what they love.

To underscore our target and those opportunities which give a platform to users, we decided to launch something new under the name of BeProducer.

BeProducer is a completely new way for film companies to communicate with their millions of fans. Now every film buff out there can take part in the creation of films they like (and in the future: series, shows, performances, etc.), become part of it and even earn from their choices. Those that were previously sat in armchair behind a screen will now be able to become real co-producers of successful projects in the world of cinema and visual art.

The platform’s users’ desire to become part of films they like is possible in two ways: for the first time ever, the viewer has the chance to receive part of the income from the creation of film and therefore share in its success. Furthermore, in the development plan for the platform we envisaged a unique mechanism for you to participate in the production of your chosen project, in addition to producer privileges.

So how is this possible?

The user selects a project that they like and purchases a share to the rights from ticket sales from the film coming to fruition. The money received will go to financing the film and the user will become a co-producer. The size of the investment, and correspondingly, the share, can be set by the user themselves as they see fit. Users can also sell their rights at any stage of the project using a special exchange.

The transparency and security of money flows and co-producer earnings is facilitated using blockchain and the solid and dependable legal structure it creates, work on which took great effort and time to create the platform.

Become part of cinema.
Anyone can be a part of the filmmaking process today!

The BeProducer team

24 Sep 2018
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