Ministry of Culture to Increase Funding of Children's Film

Дополнительное изображение новости Ministry of Culture to Increase Funding of Children's Film

Such films will be able to apply for grants up to 70 million rubles

Funding of the film production for children and the youth is now becoming a priority for the Ministry of Culture, "Kommersant" reports, citing Olga Lyubimova, the head of the Cinematography Department of the Ministry. At the visiting session of the working group of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in the Museum of Cinematography, held just before, she said that the maximum amount of state support for the production of children's film would be 70 million rubles this year. The same amount may now be given to a project recognized as "socially significant". Previously, children's film could only count on 40 million.

"It is strange that we say this for the first time, but in past years, any military and historical drama, any original manifesto of a famous director or screenwriter were estimated at about 100% more expensive by the Ministry of Culture in terms of grants than children's film," complains the Head of the Department of cinematography. At the same time, Lyubimova noted that she understands that the production of good children's film is much more expensive, since "graphics, equipment, beautiful locations" are needed.

However, for now, the Ministry of Culture sees the main problem with children's film in the lack of qualitative screenplays rather than in the lack of funding. According to Olga Lyubimova, 90% of the projects sent to the contest "cause a fit of rage, because it is an absolute parasitism and parody of outstanding works". She also complained that the authors emphasize such topics as bullying, school violence, domestic violence and pay little attention to education and positive life attitudes.

Also, the Ministry is sure that it is necessary to select projects for support not on basis of themes, but on the specific qualities of the screenplay. The viewer becomes more demanding, and children feel false like no one. "Now an absolute priority is given to children's film to make it reach the cinema theatres, to make children themselves go and wait for the continuation with pleasure," Lyubimova noted. "The situation with the Russian animation shows that it is possible."

01 Feb 2019
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