Ministry of Culture proposed to oblige online cinemas to report on their movie screenings and viewers

Дополнительное изображение новости Ministry of Culture proposed to oblige online cinemas to report on their movie screenings and viewers

The Ministry of Culture has prepared amendments to the law on the cinema support. They propose to oblige online cinemas to transfer information about their screenings and viewers to the Unified State Cinema Ticket Accounting System (USCTAS), to which Russian offline cinemas have to report.

USCTAS may start to receive information about each movie, its screening date, time and cost of viewing. The online cinema will be considered the web-site or service which screens movies for a fee or in exchange for the advertisement viewing.

There is no clarification in the document whether foreign services like Netflix and Apple TV should work with the USCTAS. If the amendments are accepted, then for violation of the law online cinemas will face a penalty of 0.001– 0.01% of their annual revenue, but not less than 100 thousand rubles. They will be given six months to connect to the System.

The unnamed producers and employees of online cinemas said that the amendments will affect only the data about films, but there is no mention of TV series in the document.

The text of the amendments will be issued for public deliberation, and the Deputy Minister of Communications has supported them, Vedomosti writes.

In March 2019, Russian film producers offered to create an accounting system of views in online cinemas. Producers and distributors believe that online cinemas skim a part of their income, and this data would help them to verify how fair the payments are. Moreover, the information about screenings and viewers would help producers to understand how the audience responds to the moving picture.

Producers tried to make an arrangement with online cinemas to provide data in private, but they have objected, the periodical specifies. Therefore, they appealed to the authorities.

24 May 2019
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