Konstantin Khabensky will chair the panel of judges at “Kinotavr”

Дополнительное изображение новости Konstantin Khabensky will chair the panel of judges at “Kinotavr”

The organizers call the program the most intense in the history of the festival.

The jury board will also include composer Aleksei Aigi, film expert Anzhelika Artyukh, Rezo Gigineishvili, Natalia Meshchaninova, Alisher Khamidhojaev and Anna Chipovskaya. 

Short-length films will be evaluated by Anna Mikhalkova, Mikhail Zygar, Natalya Merkulova, Aleksandr Pal, Aleksey Chupov. According to Alexander Rodnyansky, the president of “Kinotavr”, about 35% of the festival’s budget will be traditionally covered by the Ministry of Culture, and also, for the first time this year, the festival will be held with the active support of Roman Abramovich and Sberbank.

In the main festival competition, there are 15 motion-pictures presented:

SHEENA 667 (Directed and produced by Grigory Dobrygin).

GREAT POETRY (Directed by Aleksandr Lungin, produced by: Violetta Krechetova, Sergey Osipyan, Sergey Shtern, Artem Vasilyev, Pavel Lungin, Dmitry Gorelik, Ivan Grodetsky, Sofia Kvashilova).

BULL (Directed by Boris Akopov, produced by: Fedor Popov, Vladimir Malyshev).

FIDELITY (Directed by Nigina Saifullaeva, produced by: Sergey Kornikhin, Valery Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov, Pavel Odynin, Pavel Lilienfeld, Guillaume de Seille).

ABOVE THE SKY (Directed by Oksana Karas, produced by: Ruben Dishdishyan, Nikolay Larionov).

THUNDERSTORM (Directed by Gregory of Constantinople, produced by: Aleksandr Plotnikov, Evgeny Nikishov, Valery Fedorovich).

LET'S GET A DIVORCE (Directed by Anna Parmas, produced by: Sergey Selyanov, Natalia Drozd, Konstantin Ernst).

KEROSENE (Director Yusup Razykov, produced by: Aleksandr Gadalov, Denis Luzanov, Yusup Razykov, Mikhail Molotov).

OVERSEER (Directed by Peter Levchenko, produced by Ekaterina Filippova).

LOVE THEM ALL (Directed by Maria Agranovich, produced by: Sergey Selyanov, Dmitry Dobuzhinsky).

RUSSIAN BOY (Directed by Aleksandr Zolotukhin, produced by Edward Pichugin).

WOLF OF THOUGHTS (Directed and produced by Valeriya Gai Germanika).

ONCE IN TRUBCHEVSK (Directed by Larisa Sadilova, produced by: Larisa Shnaiderman, Larisa Sadilova, Rustam Akhadov).

WATCHMAN (Directed by Yuri Bykov, produced by: Andrey Novikov, Aleksandr Kotelevsky).

THREESOME  (Directed by Jan Ge, produced by: Ekaterina Kononenko, Olga Lesnova, Aleksey Lushin, Ruben Adamyan, Yulia Tsvitko).

Aleksandr Rodnyansky considers that the program is the most intense in the history of the festival. Sitora Aliyeva, the program director, calls the absolute uncompromising authorship as a feature of the competition. “There is an interesting feature in this trend – no one seeks to shape their own personal experience in the form of heavy art cinema. Just on the contrary. Many authors are looking for simple, clear forms to tell their stories. It was very interesting to me that the young debutants are not shy making mainstream, ” she noted.

As the main trend of this year, Sitora Aliyeva called the existence of completely adequate independent cinema in Russia. This year, 75 applications were received, and most of them were independent films and only 25 were filmed with the support of the Cinema Foundation and the Ministry of Culture. The main competition involves 10 films shot with the support of the Ministry of Culture. 6 films of the competition are debuts. A separate competition for debuts was withdrawn from the program this year, since their quantity and quality were not sufficient. For the second time in the entire history of the festival, almost half of the directors participating in the competition are women. Their number is really growing in the film industry, but Sitora Aliyeva points out that men also tell women's stories today.

The festival's opening film will be “Odessa” by Valery Todorovsky, and its closing one will be "Frenchman" by Andrey Smirnov. Out of the competition, Kantemir Balagov’s "Beanpole" will be shown. At the opening ceremony, Sergey Solovyov will be awarded the prize “For the Freedom of Spirit and Courage of Convictions”. For the first time, a film school forum will be held within the business program of the festival, in which the representatives of seven leading film educational institutions will partake.

Commenting on the Sochi Film Market cancellation, Rodnyansky emphasized that the organizers of "Kinotavr" have never been responsible for the holding of the above film market. “We have always communicated and collaborated with the Sochi Film Market and, I hope, will cooperate in the future. This year, the Sochi Film Market's timing has been shifted from March to April. Until the beginning of June, there would not have been so many new pictures that could be presented. The organizers have listened to the preferences of the direct Sochi Film Market participants and decided not to host it. Of course, it was convenient. I think a certain number of the Sochi Film Market participants will come here. Besides, we will be pleased to welcome them, ” he concluded.  

The 30th Russian "Kinotavr" Film Festival will be held in Sochi from 9 to 16 of June.

17 May 2019
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