Fedor Bondarchuk films the Soviet classics

Дополнительное изображение новости Fedor Bondarchuk films the Soviet classics

The film from the authors of the blockbusters "Attraction" and "Attraction 2" will be released in 2020

Fedor Bondarchuk will be the director of the fantastic action movie "Amphibian Man", which is based on the novel of the same name by the writer Aleksandr Belyaev. The authors of the film will tell their own story, taking the plot outline and some characters as a basis. Viewers will see a massive adventure and a heart piercing love story.

The events of the new version of the “Amphibian Man” will be in 1900. The underwater world has unleashed a war with the land world. At night, the Sea Devil attacks ships passing through the Gulf of Finland - the inventor and industrialist Maksim Naidenov is hunting the mythical monster. Own investigation leads Naidenov to the coast, where he meets the mysterious girl Gala. Who is she: a friend or a foe? The main character will have to figure out the situation and find out which side will end up with his new friend.

Shooting of the "Amphibian Man" is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2019 - after all the work on the sequel to the fantastic blockbuster "Attraction 2" is completed. The authors of the film promise a bright new interpretation of the classic work and impressive underwater photography. Main Road Post studio is responsible for computer graphics. Art Pictures Studio, Vodorod and the National Media Group will be engaged in the creation of the “Amphibian Man”.

30 Nov 2018
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