A Portrait of a Russian Viewer according to the Cinema Fund

Дополнительное изображение новости A Portrait of a Russian Viewer according to the Cinema Fund

QI-2019 Audience Monitoring Published

The Cinema Fund has published the results of a large-scale research into the cinemas audience for the period from January to March 2019. The findings were based on the information received from the integrated data of the UAIS on cinemas attendance and the Kinozritel tracker. The latter was launched by the organization together with the Wanta Group marketing research agency.

The first quarterly survey of 2019 covered more than 14 thousand viewers in 5 largest cities according to theatrical attendance (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, and Krasnodar). The survey covered only the real cinema audience—the audience leaving the cinema after watching the film.

The results were vivid and interesting. In the first quarter of the year, the film audience of the Russian Federation turned out to be predominantly female (56%). The average age of viewers was 29 years old, where people at the age of 18 were the most frequent movie goers. This time, the audience of 18–24 years old constituted the core of the movie audience: this was every fourth visitor to the film shows of the first quarter of the year. And the largest group of movie goers is the audience aged 25–34 years (31% of the audience).

Moreover, the majority of viewers (64%) go to cinema 1-2 times a month and more often. People come to cinema mostly with friends (33.1%). This is the main part of the visitors among people under 25 years. The average family audience is 30.1%, and varies from 24% to 42% (during the school holidays) depending on the weekend. Those who come with children, are mostly people 35-44 years old. The average age of such children is 10 years.

Spectators younger than 25 years old adore horror films. This is the main audience of films of this genre. Interestingly, despite the tough age ratings, the viewers under 18 at such a movie can reach 40%. The top-selling genre, comics-based films, attracts mostly male audiences aged 18–34 years old. The audience of most other genres, including horror films, is mostly female.

The structure of the movie audience during the New Year holidays, the most capacious period for film distribution, is characterized by a high proportion of the audience of older age groups. 37% of viewers who visited cinemas in the first week of January 2019 were over 35 years old, including 21% viewers aged 35–44 years old and 15% over 45 years old (on average, for the rest of the first quarter weekends, 17% and 10% respectively). The average age of a cinema visitor on New Year's holidays is 31 years, while the same for non-New Year's weekends is 29 years. The proportion of women in the New Year period is higher: 60% against 55% during the non-New Year period.

The Russian cinema audience is on average 4 years older than the audience of foreign cinemas: 32 years against 28 years, respectively. Among the audience of the Russian films, the proportion of viewers over 45 is 3 times higher than the same among audience of foreign films (18% against 6%, respectively). At the same time, the level of audience satisfaction and willingness to recommend a film to friends and acquaintances for Russian films is higher than for foreign ones.

26 Apr 2019
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