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What is BeProducer?
BeProducer is an opportunity for each and everyone to be part of the closed world of the film industry, theatre and television, becoming a real co-producer in successful projects throughout the world of cinema and visual arts.

The BeProducer team selects future film projects: assesses their commercial potential and script quality, whilst it also checks that they have agreements in place with professional film crews and actors.

Projects that pass selection are placed on the site to attract investment from the public, but only if the project has already secured financing for at least half of their total budget for the film’s production. Securing financial backing independently is the best way to check the quality of a film, therefore we have set the minimum as half of the total budget.

Viewers can read all the necessary information on the website, where each project will have news published about it, in addition to a detailed description of the team and unique analytical data. Moreover, all active users will have special privileges granted to them: being on set, presents from the film crew, invitations to the premier and many more.

BeProducer is founded on four basic principles: professionalism, transparency, profitability and public exposure. By professionalism, we mean that selected projects will need to have all the necessary agreements with their film crew and actors in place, a script of quality and no less than 50% of the film’s budget should already be secured. By transparency, we mean legal protection for investment, coupled with blockchain and data transparency regarding ticket sales. By profitability, we mean that only projects with a the right potential from an economic standpoint will be chosen, even if they only result in conservative ticket sales. By public exposure, we mean that the conditions are the same for all co-producers.

Legal agreements in place with film companies obligate the transfer a share of funds from ticket sales and other revenue streams to co-producers . Meanwhile, blockchain guarantees that all of the funds sent from the film companies are transparently and equally distributed amongst investors. This transparency is aided by cinema’s unique feature: one can see ticket sales figures online at any time. All a co-producer needs to do is track ticket sales and wait for their share of the revenue!

We aren’t making this project just for you to earn from your understanding of cinema. First and foremost, we are doing it to offer you a chance to impact on how the film will turn out and that of the video content of tomorrow!

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